Nitrous Oxide or Happy Gas is available for your treatment. This is really helpful for fillings or extractions on kids, and for adults who are anxious about their time in the chair. The local anaesthetic used by our consulting dentists are really fast acting and are given in an almost pain-free way. A topical anaesthetic gel is used to numb the gum before we start and then our consulting dentists use ultra fine needles. In some cases, an alternative anaesthetic technique, Citoject, is used, which is quick to work and quick to wear off and often patients don’t know its been done. It only numbs the tooth, not the face.

Sometimes, patients are not able to tolerate treatment in the chair. Our consulting dentists have access and can arrange a time at the Wollongong Day Surgery to do the treatment under a general anaesthetic. This works well for patients with dental phobia, an acute gagging reflex or for patients with a disability. It usually takes a couple of weeks to book a time at the day surgery, but it’s a great option for treatment.

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