Crowns & Bridges

Even though teeth are made from enamel which is very strong and long lasting, teeth can break or chip due to trauma or decay. Root canal treatment can also weaken the structure of a tooth, so for many reasons, artificial crowns are made. They are usually made of natural tooth coloured material and the ones we use are hand made in Australia. Bridges replace one or more missing teeth. Crowns are placed on the two teeth either side of the gap and a third middle crown is used to "bridge" the gap. All our crowns and bridges we do are made in Australia from reputable laboratories, usually Race Dental Laboratory in Sydney. Their products are well made and have a good warranty. We do not ever send work overseas.

Most of our consulating dentists use scanning technology for their cosmetic work (crowns, bridges and implants), which involves scanning teeth with a camera rather than taking impressions with gluggy impression materials that can cause patients to gag. 

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